WFSDallas is pleased to recognize the accomplishments of Innovate+Educate for our retail sector strategy. This partnership, Dallas Retail+Plus, is led by Innovate+Educate funded by the Walmart Foundation. The engaged retail employers include Kroger, AT&T, El Rancho Foods and others. The additional sector members include the Dallas Regional Chamber, Dallas County Community College District, United Way of Metropolitan Dallas and WFSDallas. The purpose of this project is to support incumbent workforce mobility in retail pathways by validating the skills and competencies necessary for moving entry-level retail workers into higher-level jobs.  We are specifically targeting Assistant Manager positions. Accepting on behalf of Innovate+Educate is Jamai Blivin and Anne Lopez.

Innovate+Educate is known for convening employer communities and providing the partners with flexible and adaptable strategies to meet their needs.  During the initial phase of the project they successfully surveyed over 4,400 retail employees to determine their interest level in additional training, as well as, barriers they have experienced in seeking training.  The results helped identify three training paths that are now available in the Dallas market:  retail management and fast track supervision provided by DCCCD; and National Retail Federation-fundamentals in retail training which is in the beta phase. We greatly appreciate the advances Innovate+Educate have made in helping the retail employer and job seeker community and anxiously await the next phase of this great project.

Laurie Bouillion Larrea, President
Workforce Solutions Greater Dallas