DALLAS, TX - The 4th annual Close It Summit brings together over 500 attendees, 160 presenters, 35 Ed & Employment Tech Showcase companies, and thought leaders from across the country to highlight, explore, and scale competency-based education, training, and hiring.

This year's theme, SHIFT: NO TURNING BACK, reflects both the  progress being made and the continuing challenges facing America as we work to close the national skills and employment gap. 

Degree- and pedigree-based hiring, education, and training no longer works, and the SHIFT to competency-based hiring is here and accelerating.

The Summit dives deep into the latest innovations supporting the SHIFT, from thought leadership and discussion, to innovations in education and talent management technologies. We explore changing strategies in K-12 and higher education and anticipate the future of work, emerging skills, and how the SHIFT may impact the American and global economies.

Highlights of this year's Summit include more than 160 speakers, 35 Ed & Employment Tech Showcase companies, and more than 50 sessions exploring innovative competency-based strategies, assessments, training, employer strategies, and more.

The Close It Summit is produced by national non profit Innovate+Educate. The shift is happening. There is no turning back.

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