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Deadline October 31, 2014

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In 2012, the mobile learning product market reached $1.4 billion in revenue. But just reaching the market doesn't guarantee a product will provide a high-quality learning environment for students and teachers. Imagine what would be possible if educators and mobile app developers worked together to bring 'student-tested' and 'teacher-approved' m-learning apps to market...

Welcome to the Mobile Learning Partnerships (MLP) initiative, where, for the first time, we connect, partner and facilitate communication between educators, mobile app developers and technology enthusiasts for the advancement of mobile learning in the classroom. This is a growing movement of experts, influencers and concerned citizens who recognize the power of m-learning for the future of education and the digital age we now live in. Won't you join us? Sign up below

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Mobile learning partnerships is a program of Innovate+Educate in partnership with the Verizon Foundation