Mobile Learning Partnerships

The Mobile Learning Partnerships (MLP) initiative was a project of Innovate+Educate in partnership with the Verizon Foundation to pair beta stage mobile learning applications with schools to have the apps tested in a live classroom environment. One of the primary goals of this first year project (completed June 2015) was to empower teachers and students to provide meaningful feedback to a mobile learning tool BEFORE it goes to market thereby making the final product a "student-tested, teacher-approved" learning tool. The education technology market is valued at nearly $8 billion with schools and educators overwhelmed by choices. How are they to know which products are high quality and support learning? The MLP project was designed to give educators and students an active voice in product development.

The MLP project engaged twelve apps and twelve schools across the country in four regions – New York, NY; Louisville, KY; Charlotte/Rock Hill, NC/SC and Las Vegas, NV. Over 79% of the 1,300 participating students were on the free/reduced lunch program. In a student survey collected at the start of the project, 81% of the students believe that working on a digital device changes the way you learn. And 77% said they felt either 'a lot more' or 'slightly more' engage when working on a digital device vs. a book.

At the close of the project, schools chose one winning app from each region for their ability to engage students, advance learning and integrate feedback from students & teachers into their products. Learn more about the four winners below.

Participating Schools

Three middle schools in each of four regions across the country were selected based on an online application and innovative leadership within the school. The MLP schools include:

New York, NY

The Cornerstone Academy for Social Action, Bronx
Mott Hall Middle School, Brooklyn
Soundview Academy, Bronx

Charlotte, NC & Rock Hill, SC

Ranson Middle, an International Baccalaureate School, Charlotte
Saluda Trail STEAM Middle School, Rock Hill
Sullivan Middle School, Rock Hill

Louisville, KY

Knight Middle School, Louisville
Noe Middle School, Lousiville
Westport Middle School, Louisville

Las Vegas, NV

The Academy of Math, Science and Technology at Jim Bridger, Las Vegas
Grant Sawyer Middle School, Las Vegas
Monaco Middle School, Las Vegas

Meet the Winning Apps

New York Region – Action Graphing

Action Graphing is a game that develops students' understanding of motion graphing by teaching the concepts of position, time, velocity, slope and y-intercept. Action Graphing is created by the non-profit, The Universe and More.

North Carolina/South Carolina Region – Lyriko: Learn Languages with Music

Lyriko is a fun way to learn languages through song and designed to eliminate the need for memorizing flashcards or conjugations out of context. Lyriko is created by Skylight Games.

Kentucky Region – Nurbits

Nurbits is a puzzle game in which players apply neuroscience principles to solve puzzles and make music. Nurbits is created by IS3D, LLC, a start up that uses gaming technology to help students learn critical thinking and problem solving.

Nevada Region – The Foos

The Foos is an award-winning game that teaches coding to ages 5 and up. With the MLP project, The Foos tested their beta stage 'learn how to code' game for middle school aged students including an entirely new product, Foo Studio. The Foos is created by codeSpark, a start up whose mission is to ignite curiosity about computer science and turn programming into play.