Mike Stanton, Ph.D., Project Director, NM Pathways

Dr. Stanton leads organizational and project development initiatives for Innovate+Educate including the New Mexico Pathways Project: Building communities of Progress. Mike successfully incorporates collaborative problem solving methodology within communities of practice to provide technical assistance for regions looking for innovative ways to improve their economy while developing their workforce, especially those most marginalized from traditional employment opportunities. He brings more than 40 years of experience in business and education along with a Ph.D in Organizational Learning, Instructional Technology, and Educational Leadership from the University of New Mexico to support the work of Innovate+Educate and its projects.

Mike’s practical and successful applications of his academic research includes the recent design, development, and implementation of nex+Gen Academy, a very successful high school of choice for Albuquerque Public Schools. He led the development of smart use of technology with student centered project based learning curriculum and instruction, and combined with integration of a unique, highly effective, collaborative, and transformative professional culture for teachers and students. Over his 26 years in secondary and postsecondary education, Dr. Stanton has built a formula for college and career readiness for a diverse community of learners. He recently developed and edited for the Public Education Department the New Mexico Career Cluster Guide, a book designed for high school students and young adults to help find their own pathway to successful careers in industries that matter for New Mexico.

Dr. Stanton believes that successful projects to improve our communities include diverse organizations with effective leaders that implement collaborative problem solving to engage and build ownership of its solutions for all its members. Supporting and enriching effective organization and project development includes implementing technology solutions with data analysis that is research based while using strategically built plans with all stakeholders and users.

Prior to Mike’s years at nex+Gen Academy, he worked as an administrator at one of the neediest high schools in Albuquerque and Director and Lead Teacher of a large comprehensive high school's career academies and Career and Technical Education Programs. He coordinated School-to-Careers activities including job shadows, mentorship, and mock interviews. Throughout his professional career as an educator, Mike has integrated smart and effective use of technology to enrich and support his personal work and his programs. Mike has had a unique and successful professional business experience in sales and sales management in the late 1970’s and throughout the ’80s involving the very first personal and business computers in a major electronics retail organization.