Manoj Govindan, VP for Corporate Development, Levvel International
Innovate+Educate Vice Chairman

Manoj Govindan is VP for Corporate Development at Levvel International ( He will be focused on building opportunities to help large enterprises gain their unfair advantage streamlining  their digital & technology transformation by facilitating a seamless enterprise technology transfer process. 
Most recently Manoj was a senior vice president in Advanced Technology & Partnerships (ATP) in the Innovation Group at Wells Fargo. Manoj was responsible for building partnerships for the discovery and evaluation of emerging technologies, and driving engagement and influence in research and product development in the technology ecosystem of investors, universities, and technology companies. Additionally, he assisted in discovering and developing relevant business opportunities for technology and telecommunications banking at Wells Fargo. Previously, Manoj served as marketing and strategic partnership executive at Bank of America Merrill Lynch where he was architect to a portfolio of key innovative partnerships for enterprise technology. 
Manoj serves as Vice Chairman of Board of Innovate+Educate, a ‘think and do’ non-profit on a mission to help individuals, communities, and organizations design and build pathways for competency-based hiring, learning and career development.
Manoj holds a Bachelors in Engineering in computer science from the Karnatak University of India.  

Originally from London and India, Manoj pursued his life ambitions in the U.S. starting in Detroit building education and database technologies for Ford. He has lived and worked in Santa Fe, San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago, Boston, New York City, Charlotte, Charleston and now resides in Palm Beach, FL with his husband.