James Alexander II, Innnovate+Educate Catalyst

James is an emotionally-intelligent digital native with an aptitude for problem solving through pattern recognition, creativity, resilience, and above all, a desire to succeed unencumbered by circumstances. James is passionate about driving innovation in the customer psyche.

As an Innovate+Educate Catalyst Fellow, James advanced the national movement elevating the need for new employment pathways for young adults via social media, publications and other nonprofits/media channels. James was also a speaker at the 2015 Close It Summit where he brought a unique voice to the main stage of the annual Close It Summit pushing others to question their assumptions, look at their work from a different perspective and remind them of their own journey through the world of work.

Currently, James is a business analysis consultant for FIS Global in Charlotte, NC where he focuses on building vendor and cybersecurity user-assistance interfaces as well as curating social media and marketing content for Risk/Security as a Service. Previously, James worked as a social media marketing associate at Flex5 Fitness in Charlotte, NC where he curated multimedia and marketing content for the launch of Flex5.

James has a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering Technology from the University of Houston.