Colleen Jenkins, K-20 Industry Strategist, SAS

Colleen is tasked with developing and nurturing a portfolio of strategic relationships and special projects that address the critical challenges of building and sustaining effective 21st Century educational enterprises. Throughout Colleen’s 20+ years at SAS, several labels have been attributed to her: “Leader”, “Visionary”, “Intrapreneur”, and most recently, “Boundary Spanner”. As a 21st Century leader, she exemplifies accountability for meeting goals and objectives; proactively identifies and creates sustainable processes and collaborations; brings people together across traditional internal and external organizational boundaries; and effectively guides individuals and teams to work together for a common purpose. Colleen’s previous leadership roles include: General Manager, Senior Business Director, Business Director, and Regional Manager. She has lead local and regional sales, marketing, customer relationship management, and R&D teams. Colleen currently resides in Fuquay Varina, NC with her husband and daughter.